27th April 2020 Written Astrology

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Written Weekly Astrology 27th April 2020


Get your money talking

Sell yourself more effectively

Who you know could have access to what you need

Mercury in your 2nd puts the emphasis on money and other resources as it arrives in your 2nd on the 27th. Your best assets could literally be who you know now. Those friends, networks, contacts, groups – even at a social distance. We have the internet and phones after all – which Mercury also rules. Mercury in your 2nd can increase your workload but also your bank account at the same time. It can usher in a new source of income or side hustle for you. It’s also a good time to look at how you market or sell yourself and your skills. Taking time out from the flow often allows us to see ourselves in new ways. What’s worth promoting about you, Aries? Time for a fresh appraisal.

This is a good week for launches, submissions and business discussions of any kind. This also includes conversations with your bank if the current situation is asking for a more pragmatic approach to your money. Your 2nd also rules those relationships which are ‘assets’ to you. The people you can bank on in other words. If you need to talk money with your partner then now is the time.

Mercury makes a tight angle to Saturn in your 11th on the 28th. If you are seeking intangible assets or assistance, then this is telling you to mine that network for anything from a professional introduction to money expertise. Someone you know has what you may be looking for or knows someone who does. References or recommendations could be glowing. Work with what you have this week and make the most of what you have to offer, Aries.

In a nutshell:

To attract more abundance, work with what you have more effectively. You’ve hidden assets to be mined this week. This includes your talents and skills. But also the people you can bank on, Aries.


Follow up on what you say

Escape that dead-end

You’re the next big idea!

Be pro-active this week now Mercury arrives in your 1st, Taurus. Especially when it comes to work and career matters. Mercury hands you ideas in abundance in here. You have something to say and are determined to get your point across. But please be open to feedback especially if it comes from people with experience or influence. Becoming argumentative or insisting your way is right or refusing input will dilute your opportunities for progress if you do! It’s a time of planning for you even if you cannot take actual action. Know what path you have to take.

You will have the opportunity to impress when Mercury tightly aspects Saturn in its ruling 10th of your career and reputation on the 28th. So, choose your words carefully. Above all, be seen as someone who knows what they are talking about and stands by it. Do not waffle or be tempted to exaggerate or fudge the facts. If you do you will be caught out! Work a little shape-shifting magic on your current routine if you are working (or not) from home. And by doing so you will incite the change process and re-infuse your day with energy and enthusiasm. Freedom can be found right where you are. Even if this is at home!

If you have long term contacts – especially business or professional ones, you have allowed to lapse, time to remind them of your existence. And just how bright those ideas you have are shining now, Taurus!

In a nutshell:

Be the next bright idea which lights up your life – or opportunity, this week Taurus. Mercury in your 1st hands you the ability to connect and impress others. And follow through with what you say now!



Infuse ideas with insight and inspiration

Discover the truth

Go with that leap of the imagination!

Ruler Mercury’s arrival in your 12th is a gift for those of you who are creative, work in the arts, healing professionals or any area where great leaps of the imagination are required. Think anything from espionage to quantum physics here. The truths behind what we have taken to be reality are revealed to you. If you require inspiration, it arrives handing you fresh solutions to inject those projects with luminescence and new meaning. This is your house of the past so hearing from people from you past – perhaps even going back to childhood, or even journeying back to your past if not in person then in memory, is a possibility now. As is seeing the real truth behind people, circumstances and events.

Saturn sits in your 9th of the Now Age and angles to Mercury on the 28th. This aspect is asking you to draw on something you have learned from your past and now use it to move forward in a big way. Your 9th also rules higher learning. And with Mercury in mystical aspect this could be the time where you immerse yourself in learning the Tarot, astrology or honing those psychic skills!

Ditch those outdated ideas around Saturn. It can reward like no other planet if we have done the work and apply the lesson. Saturn is all about deferred gratification. If you have, this could bring you rewards and results from past efforts, news you have waited a long time for, or simply a release from old karma. If so, you’ve graduated from another level of Soul School, Gemini. Receive your diploma and get ready for the next cycle of achievement.

In a nutshell:

There’s no hiding from the truth this week. It could arrive in the form of inspiration or revelation. Past efforts could see rewards finally catch up with you in the present. And ready you for more to come.



Reach out and touch people – with your ideas!

Who you know defines your destiny

The future is not on lockdown

Time to share, Cancer. And I’m talking about thoughts, goals and ideas here. Whether you know it or not, your future is NOT on lockdown but in motion now Mercury arrives in your 11th on the 27th. You may be self-isolating but that does not mean you can’t connect. The 11th house is where you future resides as well as the people you know.

Taking time to define and refine anything from goals to ideas allows you to become so much more focussed. Mercury is all about communication. And our present times are asking that we do more of this – even at a distance. And above all, communicate our truth at the same time. So, because of this, please answer all calls, messages, emails, texts, enquiries and RSVP in a timely manner. If you stay in touch with the world, it will stay in touch with you in return. Yes, Mercury’s quicksilver ideas transcend lockdowns if you share them any way you can!

The 28th sees Mercury and Saturn form a tight angle which may feel restrictive unless you understand that it is an opportunity to bring about new growth. Perhaps via nurturing those ideas and plans. Saturn loves structure and working within a framework. Even if right now that is your lounge room. It’s about working with what you have right now and leveraging this. Above all, it’s about taking the future seriously.

How is that looking right now? Does it need a re-design? When you are in contact with people this week, ensure you are coming across as someone serious about those future plans. You may also be very aware of who you are heading into the future with in terms of a cheer squad or support network. If anyone shows you even at a distance, they are no longer on your team, you need to understand the connection has been lived out, and let it go gracefully. Know that the future contains fresh people and possibilities. You get to create it from wherever you are now.

In a nutshell:

Even if you are isolating you can still touch people with what you say and your ideas, Cancer. This week asks you to take those future goals seriously. Dreams can’t be confined by lockdown!



Rule the world form your couch but not alone!

Put a ring on a status setting decision

Let’s talk about long term ambitions

Long term partnerships which have an impact on your status, career matters and that title your hold – whether this is ‘Mrs’ or ‘Mr’ or the one on your business card, are the subject of discussion as Mercury arrives in your 10th this week. Your future career path is highlighted as Mercury hands you ideas for long term progress while in here. Even if you feel stuck – take it you have the inspiration to begin moving on up. Or simply ruling the world from your royal couch, Leo! Throne alone? Not necessarily for the future as Saturn may have other plans for you. And even at a distance, important meetings, ideas, proposals and yes, contracts can be discussed and entered into now.

You’ll be able to communicate effectively and people will sit up and take notice of what you say. Your words have the ability to weave a new opportunity for you. A bit like spinning gold from straw. Provided you take yourself and those plans seriously.

Now, back to the throne alone scenario if that is what is happening. Mercury occupies Saturn’s ruling house in your chart and on the 28th, angles across to Saturn in your 7th.

Talks around a key connection take a serious turn. Remember, this can be a working alliance as well as that significant other. It could be time to ‘put a ring on it’ in other words. Take it to the next level of commitment which would have an automatic effect on your status and how the world sees you which is all ruled by your 10th. This is also a transit where you need to be seen as someone who knows what they want. And who takes this seriously too.

So, don’t be afraid to state the outcome you are seeking provided it is realistic. This is your house of attraction so don’t buy-in to outdated interpretations of Saturn in here. Saturn sends you what you need to grow. Ask for that and you could be looking at the relationship which offers that opportunity for the long term. Or simply commit to finding it in the future, Leo.

In a nutshell:

Time to get serious about what you want for the future. Whether professionally or in love. That’s what you are being asked to commit to this week. It’s time to put a ring on it, Leo!



Don’t be a ‘someday’ sign

The journey towards the impossible begins with a single step

You can get there from where you are

Yes, we all know 2020 and areas such as travel, expansion and learning are all on hold right now, Virgo. However, ruler Mercury arrives in your 9th asking: Where do you want to go from here? Even if ‘here’ is just your kitchen. This is not just your house of big dreams. It is where they begin to come true. Mercury in here asks that you don’t just dream it, but do something to live it.

What is it you want to have, explore or do? Where do you want to go or visit? Not now but in the future. And not ‘someday’ either. Because ‘someday’ is often simply another word for ‘never’. Simply because you cannot travel right now, take up that dream challenge or learning adventure, does not mean you cannot plan to do it. Nothing lasts forever and life as the poet Robert Frost tells us, goes on. When it does, where do you plan for it to take you?

Right now, no matter how confining circumstances may be, if you design a realistic plan for making that dream real, you have your best chance yet of living it thanks to a tight angle between Mercury and Saturn in your 6th of all things Virgo related. Such as realistic routines and plans for instance. What small but practical steps can you take right now, today that will help make that dream reality in the future? Use your Virgo gifts for details, scheduling and planning to break them down into bite-sized pieces and do what you can every day until you reach that goal.

Fortune this week favours the person with the long-term plan. Not ‘someday’ but right away. This is also an excellent transit for creating the perfect lifestyle to support this. Do a little more every day. It’s the magic of the moment that frees you for the future, Virgo.

In a nutshell:

Dreams are meant to be lived. Not to be filed away under ‘Someday’. You’ve the ability to come up with a plan to make that big goal a future reality this week. Take the first step now – not ‘someday’.



Set soul evolution in motion

Serious focus brings serious results

Change how you view the ‘C’ word

What changes do you want to bring about, Libra? And let’s not fear the ‘C’ word. Without change we would have no butterflies and things would never improve for us. This week could see the ‘C’ word work its wonders for you in areas touching on romance, your love life, what makes you sparkle and shine and children, babies, parenting and the next generation. Mercury’s arrival in your 8th puts change on the table as the major subject of discussion. How you enter into this dialogue depends largely on how you view change. As a positive or negative force in your life. I’m betting you have been yearning for it for some time now, Libra. Well, here it comes and it could arrive in the form of game-changing news.

You are in one of the most serious cycles of attraction now that the Now Age of Aquarius is beginning in your 5th than you have experienced in a very long time. It’s all due to Saturn in here. Saturn promises serious results but only if we really, really want them. Know what this is. What you don’t need is cleared away with the promise of being replaced by what you do. Saturn asks for commitment and this means committing to the cycle of change. Attracting what we want involves change. A partner for instance means we go from single to coupled up. Success from backstage to front of house.

A new addition to our family takes us from being responsible for ourselves to being a parent or takes us from parent to grand-parent. You may dream of winning the lottery but this would involve a huge change. This week asks if you are ready to experience the power of the ‘C’ word. The change you have thought about for a long, long time could be set in motion now. Your soul evolution isn’t on lockdown.

In a nutshell:

Embrace change this week, Libra and focus on its positive effects. Without it, you’ll never grow and will remain stuck. Welcome in what offers growth and the chance to begin again.



Love is the subject up for discussion

Make a lifestyle renovation

Get busy with the business of relating

Let’s talk about love and the love you live with most of all, Scorpio. With Mercury in your 7th you’ll find is easier than usual to discuss your feelings with others. And without feeling embarrassed or being worried about how you may be coming across. Ideas that you have loved and nurtured along – that business, website, book, screenplay may also play a role with Mercury in here. As could initiating that conversation around love. Mercury rules business and commerce so even if working remotely or if you normally work from home, see your job as being a series of relationships or opportunities to relate in new ways. Mercury allows us to get creative with communication and also how we promote and sell things. The realm of ideas lends itself to doing business from afar or finding new platforms for this.

The love talk also applies to those you live with – family members, flatmates if you have them or people who impact on your lifestyle, living arrangements or where you are going to live in the future. We can still make plans or even renovate who does what around the home. There’s a need for strong foundations and a structure now. For everyone to do their part and know what their role is. Or the part they play in those future plans!

Older family members could feature this week as could the need to take care of them from afar. There’s an element of rebuilding a key aspect of home, living or your lifestyle and security as Mercury angles to Saturn in your 4th on the 28th. Rebuilding your life, decluttering, restructuring or lifestyle renovations allow you to create something for the long term which truly supports you. Make that decision, Scorpio.

In a nutshell:

The love talk takes many forms including love of what you do and where you live. It’s all about the business of everyday relating now. A lifestyle to fall in love with? Totally possible this week.



New perspectives propel you out of that rut

Stop those energy drains

Shake up that routine!

Mercury in its ruling 6th puts your focus on the here and now, everyday matters and not on that far horizon you are usually focussed on, Sag! Which is good on one level at this particular time and whatever place you find yourself in. Both your Mercury ruled houses are lit up this week – your 3rd and your 6th, making this an excellent week for anything to do with your everyday work whether paid or unpaid, writing and communication, your routine as well as your wellbeing. Diet, exercise and lifestyle choices and those habits you may have fallen into, could get a fresh perspective. Simply brought about by the fact that your world may have got smaller lately, but that does not mean there are not areas that need exploring!

Ensure you have done your research and have the facts to hand as Mercury makes a testing angle to Saturn in its other ruling house (3rd) on the 28th. Others may make permanent changes to their routines as they see what effect long term habits or that rut, has had on their overall energy or wellbeing. It’s time to get very organised this week. To adhere to ‘To do’ lists, schedules and deadlines.

You’ll soon come to appreciate how you end up feeling good and with more time for what you want to do if you follow this simple procedure. If you are leaving jobs half-finished, not following through or are procrastinating over things, this week shows you the effect this is actually having on a soul level. You feel bogged down and tired. So, tie up those loose ends, finish that project or tidy up. Who would have known that something so simple could give you the re-charge you needed, Sag?

In a nutshell:

Look to your everyday routine and how you can make the most of it, Sag. Having a ‘To do’ list hands you more energy for what you want to do. Who knew freedom was so simple?



If you start something – finish it

Focus your intention

The right words make you the offer nobody can refuse!

Mercury in your 5th injects the flirt factor into your week. But more than that – this is all about your creativity and those ideas. This is one of your houses of attraction and what you can draw to you via the magic of your words and what you communicate. And the real magic is that you can do this from anywhere. However, you need to be very focussed to make the most of it.

Due to the playful nature of this house which is focussed on good times and pleasure, it’s easy to scatter your energy, start too many projects at once or else leave things undone as you head towards the next sparkling distraction. So, ensure you direct that attention into projects you are really passionate about.

This is a great week for selling yourself and your ideas. Again, you can do this from the luxury of your couch. Fortunately for you, ruler Saturn is intent on keeping things focussed. Time to be shamazing but also in a way that is structured and keeps you on track towards that long-term goal. Saturn adds that extra special touch of focus and renewed determination if you have allowed this to lapse.

Mercury in your 5th also gives you the ability to get your ideas across and sell yourself in with a touch of class. You could be set to impress even at a distance whether this is for business or purely personal reasons. Across work, social media and anything that bears your signature stamp. Just focus that mind like a laser beam, set your intention – and finish anything you start, Capricorn.

In a nutshell:

In business you’ve the ability to convince others of the value of your ideas and sell yourself in effectively. On a personal level too – people want what you have to offer! Know the outcome you want this week, Capricorn.



Think those big decisions through

Look at boundary issues

This is your life – own it!

Time to own your path and also commit to it this week, Aquarius. Also, be aware that your thinking is going to be influenced by what you feel rather than facts now. So, my advice now Mercury is in your 4th is to watch and wait before making any major decisions this week. Especially if they involve where you live, your career, family, sharers or anything that has a major impact on your long-term security. This is all emotional stuff so get that head and heart cooperating.

Lucky for you, Saturn in your 1st hands you a down to earth approach. There may be issues with someone around boundaries. In fact, property lines and actual fences could even play a role. I could say ‘Keeping your distance’ or more to the point, others keeping theirs from you. So, be mindful of this whichever way this goes. That old saying ‘Good fences make for good neighbours’ applies here. Let others know where your line is.

Your security on a physical and emotional level – as in your sense of place and even your income, and staying safe and whatever area this applies to, will be behind any decisions or even conversations, this week. Be mindful of where you are and who is in your orbit. A home or lifestyle do-over could enhance that sense of safety and ‘There’s no place like home’ appreciation. And this week, you’ve ideas to burn on how to attain that. Commit to that practical approach. As it’s not just about your surroundings but where you want to steer your life in the future. Taking responsibility for this is after all, a personal boundary issue.

In a nutshell:

Time to own the path you are on and the decisions you make, Aquarius. But when it comes to those which have long term impact, don’t rush. You need to have the head and the heart in perfect alignment, Aquarius.



Old ideas get new meaning

Unfinished business has a ring around it

Business is booming and blooming

Mercury arrives in its ruling 3rd on the 27th. This is one of those Mercury phases where ideas come to life even if you are in hermit mode. You want to do something with them and you’ll seek out every means you have at your disposal to send them out there. The internet, writing, blogging, communication, social media, project, publication, screenplay, thesis or novel – any or a combination of these could open up a window of opportunity.

The means to what you have to say could also feature – i.e. your phone, computer, tablet or even a camera if you think of yourself as a visual storyteller. Some of you may even upgrade these now. Or learn a new skill involving them. On line learning could also feature. Your 3rd rules your neighbourhood and immediate environment. Seeing as that is where most of us are now, look to your surroundings or what you can do from where you are to put yourself, your ideas, talents or skills, out there. Put it this way – Jeff Bezos started Amazon from his garage. What could you launch from your couch, table or even bed?!

Saturn sits in your mysterious 12th of soul truths where it is busy reforming what will be the Now Age. This has its roots in the past. Especially as Saturn rules your karma and those with whom you have karmic ties. So, unfinished business is the order of the day as Mercury and Saturn align on the 28th. You could hear from someone from your past or else news involves something you set in motion a while ago. Others could suddenly see that letting go of that idea was simply a bad one and decide to reboot it as a result. When it comes to those dreams you have held on to, you’ll see clearly whether they are attainable or not. And if it’s the former, move forward with them with a Now Age self-assurance in place.

In a nutshell:

It’s launch time especially when it comes to those ideas with a big impact on your future, Pisces. Others could recognise that letting something go from their past was a mistake. And reboot it in a fresh form for the future.

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