Testimonial for Kelline by Iain - October 28, 2019

“I am not a natural sceptic about readings, but neither am I used to them. I have an open mind because spirituality generally is obviously true. On randomly being connected to Kelline (because I had nobody in mind to talk to), I was immediately struck by two things. Her complete lack of “fishing” or trial and error and immense fluency and compassionate style. In particular, and this is after all the point of a reading, her level of detail and accuracy were frankly extraordinary. By the law of averages or teasing out reactions one can get a lot done in terms of insights. But that’s not her skill because she doesn’t need it. Her grasp of things only I knew to be correct was comprehensive and spot-on. I have come to trust her completely and recommend her to anyone unreservedly who wants an honest and detailed insight to the past, present and future. That I trust her completely is for me a considerable accolade.”