Testimonial for Louise by Anon - May 5, 2016

“I rang Louise for a Mediumship reading, hoping for some comfort and guidance during a very testing time in my life. I really hoped my Dad would come through for me. I got exactly what I hoped for and more. The numerous specific validations she passed on to me left me in no doubt that my Dad was communicating through her. There were things no-one could have known about or guessed in a million years. Private jokes, favourite songs, descriptions of objects that have meaning to me and my family and very clear information about each family member and their circumstances – again very specific and could not relate to anyone else. She knew my thoughts and feelings about what’s going on for me and gave reassurance as to how things will turn out along with practical advice from my Dad! My Dad’s character traits and sense of humour came through very strongly – it really was like having a conversation with him. Wonderful and exactly what I needed. Louise talked to me about signs my Dad sends to let me know he’s around. One of them was about lights going on and off. Since the reading, every time I walk through my hall the light is already on! (I live alone and this has never happened before) Louise knew what line of work I am in and about my key relationships. She gave me valuable insight into how best to manage my work and relationships and reassurance that things will work out along with timings for this. Louise is down to earth and lovely to talk to. My reading has given me peace of mind, comfort, reassurance and hope for the future. Thank you so much!”