The Tarot of Manifestation: Using Tarot for Goal Success

The Tarot of Manifestation: Using Tarot for Goal Success

The Tarot is so much more than a prediction tool. It can guide us on a psychological level revealing the way to heal our deepest soul wounds. It can open up our understanding of archetypes and psychology; as well as providing us with a direct line to universal wisdom and our own intuition. But the Tarot can also be a powerful tool we can use it to accelerate our QC process; or any goal manifesting technique for that matter!

Ready to start your journey to super-charge those goals? As usual, have your Tarot journal handy, switch off or unplug your phone and ensure you won’t be disturbed. Also, have your list of goals to hand for this exercise as well as your Tarot deck. You can light candles or incense if you want to add to the ambience; especially if this evokes a scent you associate with a particular goal.

You can even have pictures to hand as well. Perhaps a photograph of that trip-of-a-lifetime destination or maybe just a big ticket item you are hoping to save for. But run through your list of goals and pick three to begin. Then pick visuals associated with them. However, this part of the process is optional. It will work whether you use extra visuals or not. Once you have decided on the three goals, re- write them in your journal. I recommend starting the process with a couple of short term goals and then a medium term one.

The process

The idea is to see that the process works and then as you manifest a short-or-medium term goal and tick it off your list you can then move on to a longer term one. Now, take your Tarot deck and lay out all the cards FACE UP in front of you. Now, pick a card which embodies the essence of each goal for you. This may not be a card that may traditionally be associated with a certain goal – the important thing to remember here is that it has to resonate with your feelings around your goal so follow your intuition when it comes to which cards to choose.

When you have picked your three cards, make a note next to your goals in your journal which card you picked for each goal. Spend a few moments with your cards and then from your three, choose one that is going to be your main focus – the goal you wish to manifest first. Again, I’ve found that focusing on a short-to-medium term goal is the best way to kick-start this process and to gain confidence in it. As you gain confidence in the process you can then move on to bigger goals.

Stay connected

Now you have chosen your first goal and your first card, spend some time with this card to see what additional messages it has for you about your goal. It may give you ideas about people to talk to who may be able to help, ways to attain your goal you had not previously considered, actions you could take that may not have occurred to you. Write down all information and ideas in your journal and follow these up and note your results. Stay connected to the energy of your goal and the card you have chosen by continuing to look at the card for just a couple of minutes every day.

If you get new information from the card continue to write this down and follow-through on any actions you feel you need to take but what you may find is that the simple process of doing this brings about amazing synchronicities and opportunities for you. You may be amazed at how quickly your first goal manifests. Once this is done, cross this goal off your list but before you move on to the next goal and card you picked, repeat the entire process for another goal and add this to your list so you always have three goals.

This fusion of Tarot magic and goal focus can really bring about goal attainment – and plug you directly into the true power of the Tarot.

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