Do You Follow Your Psychic Intuition?

Do You Follow Your Psychic Intuition?

Our psychic intuition acts like a compass as we go through life. It nudges us past choices that aren’t good for us; gently urging us towards following cues that lead us in the direction of the evolution of our soul.

It links us to the entire universe, where everything from the past, present and future can be found.  We are all born with psychic intuition. But it can easily be drowned out by the chatter of our mind. Or, by the noise of the modern world we live in.

There are practices designed to help us develop our psychic intuition. For example, meditation. This actually help us switch off the noise so that we can pay better attention to what was trying to get through to us all along.

Part of the journey of our soul’s evolution means being able to separate out from the push and pull of the world; with all of its ideas about who we are and what we want. So we can tune in to the far greater wisdom of the universe, and get back to our own authentic self and sacred journey.

Listen to it

One of the best ways to flex the psychic muscles of our psychic intuition is to actually listen to it! Because we are human as well as divine, we can try and bargain with our intuition.  We get asked out on a date, and our intuition nudges us to say no. But a voice in our head says, ‘But I haven’t been out on a date for so long! Can’t I just have a bit of fun? How about I just go once and see how it goes…’.

The universe delivers an amazing opportunity and we bump into someone who could connect us with where we want to go. And just as our intuition is trying to tell us to leap forward, our inner voice says, ‘Oh, they wouldn’t be interested in me! They were just being nice when they gave me their number and said to call.”

Be gentle with your fears and limitation. They are, in their own way, trying to protect you by urging you to play your life small. But you are a divine soul and born for a greatness that comes from embracing your potential. If you aren’t used to following your intuition, the very idea can seem scary at first.

Be aware of patterns

Alongside meditation to help your mind go quiet, keep an intuition journal. You can write out the instincts, thoughts and feelings that seem to come out of nowhere and your dreams.  See if you notice any patterns, reoccurring themes, or times when you pushed your intuition away when events that unfolded showed it would have been better to listen.

Even if for a while you don’t actually do anything different, it will give you a chance to look at the stream of divine guidance that flows through you which will give you more confidence in beginning to listen to what it has to say and use it as a guiding force in your life.  The more you trust and follow your intuition, the more it will reveal its amazing ability to guide you towards your true power.

Loads of love,

Michele x


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