Casting Love Spells with Natural Magic

We are all connected to everything in our Universe. This makes the use of Natural Magic easy.

Why? Because we hold hands with everything. Energetically, we are touching everything. Practicing Natural Magic is as simple as reaching out to hold your best friend’s hand.

Using Natural Magic for a love spell is equally simple because love is a Universal “set-point.” The Universe hums a consistent vibration of love. And even though the Universe wefts and warps, flexes and shifts – love is always a set-point, it’s always the point of return.

A few definitions:

What is Natural Magic?

Simply, it’s using the organic rhythms of our environment, our world, our cosmos to our natural advantage. Actively dancing the Universal waltz – instep, in time and ready for the next whirl on the dance floor of our lives.

That’s a flowery way of saying Natural Magic is observing, taking cues from, and participating with our environment to bring about desirable shifts in our lives.

What is a Love Spell?

A spell is simply a span of time in which we keep our entire attention fully focused on a specific intention. A spell is a devotion, because we are devoting our whole being to a higher objective.

A love spell then, is a commitment to devote ourselves to our deservedness of love. Casting a love spell is the act of enveloping ourselves in the harmonic resonance of love whilst maintaining a specific (higher) frequency for a sustained period of time.

From these definitions, we begin to see the potential power by combining Natural Magic with our intent to be wrapped in the cosmic robes of love.

Some tips on using Natural Magic to cast a love spell:

To bring more love into your life, romantic, familial or otherwise we must invest our attention to love. This means we designate a period of time devoted to love: Think of love, swim in love, surround yourself with the concept of love.

And, since we’re using Natural Magic, we will observe cues from our environment for peak-performance times during our time of devotion to the essence of love.

Here are some optimal cues to focus on whilst bringing love into our lives:

Moon : Waxing

A waxing moon is a growing moon. Her encroaching fullness reminds our spirits of the love that approaches us with each increase of lunar light. Focusing on love in our lives during a waxing moon reinforces the energy of growth, acceptance, clarity, light, progress and the fullness of love we deserve in our lives. Focus on your love wishes during the waxing moon for a fuller, more illuminated experience.

Sun : Dawning

A rising sun stirs our hearts in uplifting ways. It reminds us of the inherent light that emerges from each us. It is symbolic of renewal and prompts us to embrace the warmth of love. Focus on your thoughts of love and romance during the moments of sunrise for optimal results.

Wind : Easterly

When bringing more love in your life is your desire, loose these intentions into the east wind. Imagine your love-thoughts as sparkly sand, and set it loose in the east air currents so they can spread brilliant potential. Easterly directions are symbolic of beginnings, communication, futures, love, sincerity and trust.

Element : Fire

For obvious reasons, fire is the element of choice when concentrating on love living in our lives. Fire is symbolic of passion, energy, vitality, warmth, love and also the light of truth. To encourage an honest, warm, passionate love in your life, light a candle as a devotion to these desires. Do this from the east, during the waxing moon, during the dawning of the sun.

Earth Gift : Flowers

The earth gives us gifts we can use in Natural Magic to enhance our experiences. These gifts can be stones, soil, salt, plants, animal energies…anything that is born from the Mother (Earth) can be adopted in our practices.

Flowers are perfect for bringing about the essence of love in our lives. Harvest bright (sunny) flowers from your garden when they are ripe for the picking. If you’ve no flowers, paint some. If you don’t paint, draw them. If you don’t draw, cut some cheerful images of flowers out of magazines. Keep these flowers with you, and keep some where you light your candle to the east. Let their scent remind you of the sweetness of love. Let their fresh brilliance touch your heart with loving tenderness.

Putting it all together

Designate some time every day at sunrise for the next 7 days in the waxing moon cycle to devote yourself to love. It can be just a few minutes every morning, as long as your focus is honed and genuine.

During this special dawning time, light your candle. As you do so, imagine the passion of love being ignited in your life. See the flame flickering as a symbol of love flickering in your heart. See it lighting up in the heart of your kindred too.

Do this as you pay homage to the light breezes lulling from the east. Feel your desires moving on easterly currents – swaying out into the Universe, scented with your intent for sincere love in your life. Sprinkle your thoughts of love to the east, and let your genuine desire for love be communicated in the ethers.

Meditate upon your bright flowers in this time of devotion. See how they open themselves without struggle. They freely give their beauty. Feel the innocence and joy contained in their silky petals. Envision your own heart and love life unfolding in delicate, beautiful layers – just as the flower unfolds.

And every evening for the next seven days, let your being ponder the gradually growing moon. See the moon pregnant with the love you desire in your life. See it birthing a grand gift of love to you on the advent of the seventh day.

And lastly, have fun with this. Love is joy, so our love rituals must mirror that ebullient quality. Be light with your practices, and expect your love to move easily into your life.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips on using Natural Magic to cast a love spell.

Written by: Avia Venefica of

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