Wheel of Fortune and Justice

So far on our tarot journey through the major arcana we’ve been looking at how we develop and how we are shaped by key people and structures in our everyday life.

The next two cards – the Wheel of Fortune and Justice – give us the first hint that there are bigger mysteries and forces in the cosmos than are of our making.

The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that events really can turn on a wheel and Justice reminds us there is a system of putting things to right that goes way beyond our own legal system.

The Wheel of Fortune

A hand emerging from a cloud turns a wheel.  At the top of the wheel sits a King who raises a goblet, smiling as he holds the hand of his Queen.

At the bottom we see some poor soul tumbling off the wheel as it turns.  This card is ruled by expansive Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, and so when this appears it usually means that the great wheel of the cosmos is about to start turning in our favour without us having to do anything at all.

This is when you meet that gorgeous someone in the supermarket, get a call about your dream job out of the blue, or when the Inland Revenue announces that it owes you money!

The falling figure is there to remind us that what comes up must also go down so this is a time to ride the wave, grab that chance or do whatever it takes to make the most of whatever opportunities appear.

So when this card turns up you’ve got to get out there as fate seldom comes to find us under our duvets – and no more rocking up to the supermarket in your oldest tracksuit!

Connecting with the card

I’m a big fan of Cosmic Ordering and I reckon that if Jupiter’s on your side there’s no harm in sending a few hints out to the universe on the forms you’d like your good luck to take!

If you don’t already have a vision board, take a big piece of card and get busy with a pile of old magazines and a pair of scissors.

Cut out words and pictures of the things you’d like to have or experience in your life – everything from photographs of dream holiday destinations to things that symbolise the career you’ve always wanted.

As you do this, imagine that you already have what you want.  The key to Cosmic Ordering is simple –  ask, know you deserve it and believe that you can have it.

And don’t forget to send up a big Thank You when it comes! If you’ve read my biography you’ll know that, amongst many other things, I managed to Cosmically Order myself a fantastic holiday in Tobago when I was a penniless student, so go on – anything can happen!


I am grateful and ready for every opportunity sent my way.


A robed woman sits on a throne.  In one hand she holds up a sword and in the other she weighs the scales of justice.

We’re so used to thinking of justice as being related to our courts and legal system (and this card does sometimes refer to those) that we can forget there’s also karmic justice.

Justice appears to tell us that, whatever is about to happen, justice will be done.  She’s weighed up the true evidence and the straightness of her sword promises that she won’t show any favour one way or another.

That promise is important.  When things go as we think they should its always makes us feel on top of the world, but if they don’t we have to trust that there is a deeper justice at work and everything is happening exactly as it should.

Connecting with the card

If you feel that you’re battling with injustice, give up the fight!   Release it to the much more powerful force of Justice as represented by this card.

Visualise whatever person or situation is giving you grief and surround them or it with a golden light.  This might be hard at first, but be willing to let go of any feelings of anger or frustration and keep repeating the words, “I hand this over to a higher power” until you actually mean it.

Once your negative feelings have dissolved, you’ll be able to take any practical steps you need to take without the added burden of your emotions.

The universe doesn’t want you to be a doormat, but it doesn’t look kindly on one person vigilante groups, either! One of the basic laws of the universe is that you get what you give, so conduct yourself with the grace of Ghandi and grace will be shown to you.


I accept that everything happens for my highest good.

Next, our tarot journey slows down with The Hanged Man and then appears to come to a dramatic stop with Death – but hopefully by now you’ll have realised that, with tarot, things aren’t always what they appear to be!

Article written by Michele Knight:  First published in Spirit and Destiny magazine

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