Soul Rescue: How To Access Creative Problem Solving for Any Issue

Soul Rescue: How To Access Creative Problem Solving for Any Issue!

Got a problem? I’m not talking about just a short term one. But also longer term issues; that despite your best efforts and you consulting the people that you know, just don’t seem to go away or get any closer to being resolved. The fact is, it’s well documented that the things we feel powerless to change in our lives are usually the main cause of depression. If you are in a situation where you feel you have done everything you can to solve the issue and also exhausted all your available resources as in friends, family or even professions, perhaps it’s time to take a different approach.

Whether you are aware of it or not, we all have amazing, unlimited problem-solving resources available to us; that very often enables us to get a fresh perspective on the issue and provide us with alternative ways of dealing with it and what’s more, it’s not limited to advice from the people you actually know who often are as emotionally involved in the situation as you are and are sometimes unable to offer you objective advice.

Lets begin

First, ensure you are not going to be disturbed and turn off or unplug your phone. Take your journal or a piece of paper and write down your problem. Include every detail about it, when it began, how long it has been going on for, what you have done so far to solve it, how it is making you feel, who you have talked to, what results you have so far achieved with the actions you have taken – anything and everything relating to the issue at hand. When you have finished writing take a few minutes to read it through. How are you feeling right now having committed all this to paper? Chances are you are feeling very emotional.

Now, while you are reliving the emotions your problem is stirring up, I want to you make a list of between three and six people whom you trust and admire but to whom you have not spoken to about your issue. Now – these people do not necessarily have to be people that you know. Of course you can include a family member, friend, co-worker or boss. But you can also include people you admire in any sphere of life that you have never even met.

They don’t have to even be alive as this exercise taps into the universal consciousness matrix. So, for example you could come up with a list which includes your former teacher whom you have not seen since you left school, Steve Jobs and the Dalai Lama. Allow your intuition to guide you here as well as writing down the obvious choices that immediately jump to mind.

Take notes

When you have made your list start with the first person’s name and close your eyes. Imagine them entering the room and sitting down opposite you. You explain to them your current situation. Then ask them what they would do in your situation and listen to the advice they give you. Feel free to ask them any questions. When you are ready thank them and then write down everything they told you while it is still fresh in your mind.

Now, repeat the same process with every other person on your list. By the time you have finished with this exercise I guarantee you that you will not only have a fresh perspective on your problem but will also have gained new ideas on how to deal with it that just hadn’t occurred to you before.

As you practice this technique, as time goes on you will find it easier and easier to access this kind of creative, problem solving wisdom just by taking a deep breath and thinking to yourself: ‘Now what would (name) do?

You may discover that several of your ‘experts’ offer the same advice and if so, this is the approach you need to take. If the message you receive is to consult a professional – a doctor, lawyer, accountant or therapist for example, then do act on this if this is something you have not done so far or if the message you receive is telling you that you need to get a second opinion.

A fresh perspective

We can all access this kind of problem solving wisdom simply by imagining how someone we admire would deal with it. So get a fresh perspective on problem solving and access the wisdom and guidance of anyone you admire. Your soul resources are always closer than you think. So tap into your soul support team and start to put your problems not only in perspective – but in the past where they belong.

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