Full Moon Free Tarot Reading

Focus on the four Tarot Cards and using your psychic intuition or gut to choose which number is calling you. Focus on receiving the right message for you from the Full Moon. Once you have chosen your Tarot card, scroll down and read your message. Let me know what you think!

Now scroll down to read your message.


Your intuition is urging you to look beyond the standard today. Spiritual enlightenment and inner illumination are the gifts this moon will bring to you. There is a possibility that a secret is about to be revealed, so be ready, or if you are keeping one, prepare for it to come to light. The High Priestess represents wisdom, serenity, knowledge and understanding. She instinctively knows, and nothing is kept from her, she senses, she feels, and nobody can pull the wool over The high priestess’s eyes. The High Priestess has a deep, intuitive understanding of the Universe and uses this knowledge to teach rather than to try to control others. The moon is her friend, and she is urging you to gratefully takes the energy it offers.

We are currently experiencing a fabulous wolf moon, and its energy is immense. The High Priestess is giving you this motto to use at this time “Throw me to the wolves, and I’ll come back leading the pack” whatever she endures, she trusts and knows it will make her stronger and she is guiding you to think along her lines. She is feminine, mysterious and in-tune to all around her.

Look for the signs you are getting, feel the hunches you are feeling as the answers you are seeking are already in you; you just need to quieten your mind so you can hear your soul speak and allow the moon to illuminate your way through the dark. Things that once seemed inevitable can no longer be taken for granted. Some puzzling mysteries may become clearer, but all is not yet revealed at this point. Trust your instincts today, take note of your dreams, even have a reading as when this card turns up it is begging you to take notice of something more than logic. Tune into the High Priestess’s energy as she has answers for you at this time, all you need to do is open yourself to her; there is nothing to be scared of, trust your intuition and your power!


The Full Moon is lighting the way for you to experience a very powerful transformation. It’s almost like New Year’s Eve all over again, where you are urged to set the intentions for the coming year and are choosing to manifest the life you want to live rather than the one you felt you had to.

A whole new cycle awaits you, and you are about to be showered with blessings for closing the door on the old chapter and letting go. Please don’t see this as and ending, it is a wonderful gift of rebirth and a blossoming of a future that will leave you exhilarated, fulfilled and feeling fresh, new and squeaky clean.

A soul spring clean is the Moon’s gift to you. It is time to take control of your own destiny and live your life in a way you find meaningful. A deeply satisfying time is coming, try to accept this change rather than fight it as this will allow the transition to go more smoothly. It’s time to clear out your clutter, both physical and emotional and make way for an incredible new phase that is coming in your life.


The moon is urging you to take control of your life at this time. Use that fire in your belly and the spark of creativity in your soul to make a map of your dreams and desires and take that first step into making them a reality.

Leave any underlying worries or insecurities at the roadside as your journey is about to start, and you reach the end of your comfort zone. There is so much fulfilment showing around this opportunity, almost as if the world is your oyster and travel could be important too, perhaps even a soul journey, this is a chance you must take. You know that the world has something ‘bigger’ or more meaningful to offer you, you are also aware that to maximise this opportunity, you must leave familiar ground. Let go of any fear and confusion, you are done waiting for your ship to come in and are ready to swim out to meet it. There’s a fabulous energy coming through this card, life gets more exciting when you start to take risks.


Decisions, decisions, weighing up the pros and cons seem to be the effect the moon is having on you. Balance is needed, and although this card is often related to financial matters, however, it’s deeper at this time. Spirituality and materialism maybe causing inner turmoil and you may be trying desperately to find the middle ground. Often when we chose a spiritual life, we can gain hang ups regarding wealth, but what you are being urged to look at is that The Universe wants you to have an abundant life.

The Universe does not want you to struggle, having financial riches as well as inner ones makes our lives much easier, and we can help those less fortunate more, we can serve in a larger way.

When we come from a place of lack, we tend to attract more of the same. When we open to a receiving abundance, as if by magic the universe provides us with more, so by gaining the balance and recognising that in giving we receive, the inner struggles we have are diminished, and we can lead much more fulfilling lives with less stress.

This card is urging you to look at your relationship with money, look at those who are technically wealthy and see the good this could have enabled them to do , and see how their abundance can allow people to help many.

You are not here to play small, you are not here to be a martyr, the universe has an ever replenishing well which it is urging you to drink from at this time. Give and take is called for here and you will instantly feel the pressure lift and balance being restored. Open your arms to the abundance that awaits.

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