Free Tarot Reading – What Energy Is Around Me?

Hello Gorgeous Soul,

A good tarot reading can help transform our lives. Tarot is not just used to predict the future but to empower us and give us the skills to weave magic into our day. To become a sorceress (/er/x) and conjure our reality we need to know what energy is around us so that we can take advantage of it! Focus on the three cards below and use your innate psychic wisdom to feel if there is a message for you. Scroll down for your answer.

Much love Michele x

Tarot Card one – Mother of Cups

Kindness is your superpower, and for this, you will be rewarded. It hasn’t always been easy being you, you have such a deep sensitivity that life can feel very raw. Today the Universe is whispering that you are brave, that you have a warrior spirit wrapped in a soft and caring personality. Keep going, don’t stop being you.

Tune into your psychic intuition today and trust the messages that come. Surround yourself with other soul connections that are also kind, avoid harsh or judgmental people. You might decide to write or study a subject that excites you. You have an important message to share so pour droplets of your innate compassion into you, and step onto the life path that you sense waiting.

Tarot Card Two – The Daughter of Pentacles

The daughter of Pentacles symbolises the start of a quest for success. You are able to ground your skills and start to build solid foundations in your life. Notice the rainbow overhead, this pure and idealistic deer knows she can achieve anything that she puts her mind to.

You may not know it all now, but you are heading in the right direction. Today is a day to enjoy the planning and plotting. Put practical steps in place towards your vision. Dream big,  and follow the rainbow of your heart.

Tarot Card Three – The Two of Cups

Yay! The Universe is bringing you together with a soul connection today. It may be a lover, a friend, or a new acquaintance, that rocks up and just gets you! When we mix with someone who radiates on the same vibration as us, it recharges our batteries and doubles our power. Boom! Love energy is about to rain down.

Love should be much smoother today. You know what you want, and most importantly you know what you deserve. A beautiful union of spirit that will support and nourish you is on the way.

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