Testimonial for David by Jill - May 16, 2011

“I have to say that my reading today with David (2269) has left me absolutely speechless. I was first struck by how direct he was (in as much as he launched straight into the reading – no time wasting or trying to tune in). He never asked one question and didn’t encourage you to tell him anything (unless it was a concern that you had). He described how I had been feeling to a “t” and his predictions for the future gave me the very real sensation of “chills” – not in a bad way, but, in the way that made you feel that he was absolutely “bang on the money”. There was not one item which didn’t fit with me or that I had to “reason out” – the way you have to do with some readers. The best reading I have had from anyone – ever – truly a very gifted and genuine guy. Thanks David you are the best!”