Testimonial for Sadie by Mandy - May 16, 2011

“What a wonderful, intuitive reader Sadie is, I have been very lucky to have a few readings with her. Her insight into my situation is incredible, she will give it to you as it comes; it may not be what you want to hear but it always makes sense. She told me that there would be good news on the 6th May at the time I couldn’t think of anything significant for that date, yes my daughter passed her driving test, she said she saw me in a purple dress several months later I had a purple dress for a wedding, she gave me the initial of my partner. Every date she has given me has been significant. I just cannot give enough credit to Sadie she makes you feel uplifted and you know you have the truth and what a lovely person she is too. She is like gold dust very hard to get hold of but keep trying you won’t be disappointed.”