Testimonial for David by Ash - February 23, 2011

“Hi I had a reading with David this morning and was astonished at the amount of detail he came out with. I love David’s method for reading it is so so precise and packed with masses of details.I rang David with a query about work and whether there were any changes ahead for me..I was flabbergasted with his reading. He picked up on the job I was presently in and told me what sort of job I would be doing next year. He picked up the aspects of my job I was doing now which is quite specialist so am amazed he picked it up so quickly and then told me what I will be doing in the future eg presentation skills and a bit of counselling and that in time I would be writing my own course and training methods for my new role.To be honest what he predicted is my dream job – but he has no way of knowing this. He picked up that I would write a book in time – well I have an English literature degree and am planning on joining a creative writing group so that I can eventually write! David had a great sense of humour that made me laugh at times and I would recommend him to anyone …..Lots of validations and predictions were given in a short space of time. Thank you David.”