Testimonial for by Sonia - February 2, 2011

“OMG! What can i say, Nicola, is still on top.
I had a reading today with fantastic Nicola. Early least year I also had a reading and she is still as straight talking and direct. The information came without any prompting, I had to interrupt to ask or input particular viewpoints, or issues for clarity. But I’m absolutely blown away, again.
I have had other readings, but Nicola, has the Wow factor. She picked up on certain aspects of my personality, that no one else has, as with the detail she gives in her reading.
I was advised about a certain someone, and no one could possibly have known how I felt or was dealing with the situation, as I have not spoken to anyone about it, but with Nicola it all came through. The advice will be adhered to, as I know it is the right thing to do at this time. In terms of the rest of the reading, I shall be going out to attain the fun I deserve and start living my life.
Nicola has again excelled herself in my opinion, in aiding me to move forward in a more positive way., and this is what should be gained from a reading. Thank you, Nicola, Welcome Back, you were sorely missed, and just what I needed to kick start the rest of my life. Love and Light to you.”