Testimonial for Sadie by Caroline - December 13, 2010

“having now had 24 hours to absorb what sadie told me yesterday i have to write again to say how incredible she is. i have had several readings with psychics on your website and the majority of them are incredible, especially Nina and Nikki. They have all predicted the same outcome for me but i kept phoning because i knew in my heart that there was a missing piece to the puzzle of the situation i’m in. every single instinct I have had about this situation was confirmed to me by sadie. her detail was astonishing about feelings and how to proceed in this situation. Nina said very similar to me too. I trust these women, they are incredible at getting to the psychological and spiritual nub of a situation. Nikki, Jan Lee and others including Annie are brilliant at predicting outcomes and they complement Sadie and Nina. Now I feel at peace, finally, because my instincts have been confirmed. Let the universe play its hand and deliver what is best for me because I know what’s for me won’t go by me. thank you so much, i feel blessed and grateful to have spoken to these women and for the help and guidance they have given me.”