Testimonial for by Sonia - September 27, 2010

“I have had a reading with Loretta a few months ago. She is so clear and concise in her readings. That’s why I chose to have another reading with her. I felt I needed some clarity in my life situation at the moment as dare I admit, I tend to get over-enthusiastic regarding affairs of the heart, and Loretta slowly, but gently guided me back to earth.

She clarified what was going on around me generally and emotionally, which really helped my outlook on a number of situations, and gave some advice and general thoughts on how to deal with my issues. Loretta is a clear talking, empathic, warm reader. If you want to speak to someone who is direct, and does not sugar-coat your reading, Loretta’s your girl, and I will definately have more readings with her in the future.

Thanks, Love and light.”