Testimonial for Sadie by Amanda - September 18, 2010

“I do not have the eloquence to describe just how incredible Sadie’s skills are. She is the MOST AMAZING MEDIUM/PSYCHIC who gives THE MOST fantastic readings/incredible details ever. Sadie gives names of the people you are ringing about, the dates of when stuff happened, the dates of when stuff will happen, descriptions of people and situations down the last detail and talks about stuff NO-ONE would know apart from you even using the ‘exact’ words that you would either use or were used in a given situation. What makes her even more special is even though she can be very direct telling you things that you may not wish to hear, at least you get the total truth, and her messages are delivered with such emotional intelligence, warmth and eloquence that you finish the reading, with clarity, understanding and the strength to go forward again when you may have felt paralysed before speaking to her. On a more personal level I just want to say Sadie you bring such blessings and great teachings to my life. You would definitely be someone I would chose as a friend and I am still smiling at the ‘swiss’ creams and other connections. You shine your light strong and bright so that people can see the road ahead. I just hope people get the chance to experience you and your readings as you are something else!! You are such a gift to the psychic world; I dont say these things without meaning them. Love and Light, your ‘Essex’ friend.”