Testimonial for Genevieve by Anna - July 26, 2010

“I would like to thank Jan Lee, Lynn, Jeanie, Genevieve, Julie and James – those wonderful readers helped me tremendously to get through a very difficult and challenging time – a time when lots of changes come around me – they helped me to understand my own psychic abilities and spiritual path I am starting. They also helped me to clear many serious issues and gave me some light how to deal with a difficult but very important relationship in my life. Never before had I asked for help psychics – but past months have brought so many new and surprising changes (on spiritual level) and challenges that only psychics could help me to deal with them. Those extraordinary people knew exactly what was been going on in my life, my relationship and within me – I do recommend them – their insights are beyond all measures – and they all together helped me to see my matter from many different perspectives but with a common background. Thank you so much.”