Testimonial for by Sonia - May 17, 2010

“I had a reading with Nicola a couple of days ago, and I must say what an absolutely amazing reader she is.  I feel she will become very popular once clients become familiar with her as she has only been reading with Michele Knight for a few weeks, and WOW was I blown away with the information she gave.  She did not ask any questions during the reading. The information came thick and fast. I had to think about some of the facts she came out with as it came from another perspective, but all true… facts about my personality that no one would have known, facts about the man around me that absolute blew me away and gave such insight that I now see alternatives on how to approach this issue.  I have had other readings before Nicola and no-one else had picked up on some of the detail that came through with Nicola. She made me laugh, I felt emotional and I felt very positive after my reading. Nicola was absolutely mind-blowing, as a couple of predictions she gave in my reading came true within TWO HOURS of speaking with her. WOW.”