Testimonial for Saffy by Anon - May 5, 2010

“Saffy, Saffy, Saffy!!! This woman is amazing and her connection with spirit is true, genuine and very real.  although I may have dismissed the information..it always comes to fruition! If you want a realistic interpretation of events specific to your life TALK TO SAFFY.  You may be initially saddened by the reality of truth (because sometimes I’ve wanted stuff that was bad for me and I’ve been so close to that wall I couldn’t even see it) but ultimately the truth has set me free! Over a period of two years and many trials in my life, men, …..times when I thought my situation was hopeless, Saffy always delivered really honest, direct information to me which has all come true and I have to say it’s wonderful to now sit in the light, learn from past experience, live and grow. Thank you for this amazing gift you’ve given me.  May the forces be with you always.”