Testimonial for Genevieve by Jennifer - April 10, 2010

“I have been having readings with Genevieve for over six months now with a relationship problem that has been very complicated. She picked up on my situation really quickly as I was open to what she had to say. She is truly amazing and honest and has an uncanny way of delving below the surface. She never judged me but told me the plain truth of what she was picking up. For six months I have been coming to her about my relationship and even when she says something will happen I don’t believe her – but then it happens……what can I say!!! Genevieve is a gifted lady.  She is clear and gives it to you straight but with compassion.  She always has books to recommend…tons of books…she’s such a warm and inspiring person.  No matter how I am feeling I always come away feeling uplifted.  My situation has turned a positive corner…like she kept saying…and the way I feel – I cannot describe.  All I would say is keep an open mind and even if something doesn’t make sense to you at the time of the reading…. wait… and timescales are not always accurate so treat them like a guide line. Genevieve is an asset on this site :).  Thank you so much Genevieve – you are amazing!!!”