Testimonial for Maya by R - February 8, 2016

What a lovely lady! Even her voice is reassuring and her calm manner reminded me of Jan Lee’s. She started seeing butterflies and said it was associated somehow with my craft. I just launched a business about transformational coaching and our symbol is a butterfly.  I thought it was a very good start. From there onward the information flowed like pouring water.  She is warm and friendly. She picked up on my energy and it rather felt she knew me quite well instead of her reading the Tarot cards. I am very happy with my reading. Maya told me the facts currently happening in my life and then pointed out the future outcomes. No guesswork, just pure flow of information. In summary, I felt Maya is exceptionally sensitive and compassionate. At the end of the reading I was feeling very positive. Great reading and I wish her good luck and thank you for the opportunity!