Testimonial for Louise by Natalia - November 3, 2015

“March 2015 was a difficult month for me. My career and relationship had reached a crossroads, I was about to walk away from both. I had reached breaking point. I just wanted to be happy again. Then I spoke to Louise. What attracted me to calling her in the first place was about 4 years ago she had predicted my current partner. I now wanted to find out if we were going to survive this rough patch. It honestly felt like I was talking to my best friend I had known for years. We got on so well! Louise reassured me I would get my “career wish” and that my partner is “for keeps” and that “I would be okay”. I felt positive after the call, but then things got worst for about two weeks after! I felt low, cynical but I held on, trying to visualise and believe that things will get better. It’s only been this week that my career and relationship is back on track, better than before I dare say! I had to go through this transitory scary period in order to secure my future. Thank you Louise for giving me the insight, strength and belief for hanging on in there.”