Testimonial for Sara by Australia - November 3, 2015

“She is a very interesting lady to speak to. Some of the information at first didn’t make sense, then she was able to walk through a story that enabled it all to fall into place. She checked in and asked me to clarify, then gained further clarity. She was able to describe my personality style and preferences very very clearly without any prompting stories from me. she was very honest and described a situation I am trying to get my head around. Sara gave bang on details about the type of work that I do ( i am a contractor) within corporate this isn’t easy to pick up, and she also was able to outline some of the things that I will be offered in the two roles that will be offered or that I will get to chose from. Sara, works toward providing her messages in a way that is clear to you from the way she receives them; she picked up on something that I wasn’t asking about, and described the other person in the situation it was humorous, all information was offered as a thing to use as guidance and not instructional and I should do A or B, simply this is where things are and this is the situation and you have free will to chose; most of all she was helpful in confirming what others had told me, she even said this. She offered some wisdom about how to re-frame the situation I am in as opposed to seeing it either black or white or needing to let go of a specific view.”