Testimonial for by Eli - November 3, 2015

“It has not been long since I discovered Michele Knight Psychics and I grew to love the site. I spoke to many readers, Jennifer, Tanya and Greg on the web chat, Lydia through two email readings and I also spoke to Gemma and Elizabeth on the phone. I have to say, Gemma I called three times in a few days to clarify something very intense I went through. She was always very soothing, specific, she remembered information from previous conversation and her non-judgemental and caring approach was like a giant hug. I could tell it was very important for her to tell me correct information and she pointed out several specific details I never indicated. I was impressed, she is just a very nice sweet person and she does what she does really well. I am very grateful for her patience and encouragement, she is a gem! Lydia also delivered very good message on email, I still go back to read it again for encouragement. She actually made me teary as I felt truly understood. I also spoke to Elizabeth, what a darling she is. Is she not like an angel? She has very peaceful and polite manners, she gives you time to speak and then brings an insight into the situation which made complete sense to me. She actually also confirmed several things that Gemma previously predicted. I am forever grateful for their support because I have been trapped in very intense situation for several months and there are very few things that ease the pressure and allow me to breathe a bit again. The empowerment I received was amazing. Let me also mention Greg because he also brought light and guidance when I was lonely and distressed. Talking to him is like chatting to an old friend that I can trust and confide in. Thank you all for being there for us who struggle and need some help to get out of a difficult situation. Let a double portion of the love and care you give away come back to you.”