Testimonial for Genevieve by Jennifer - June 17, 2014

“Genevieve honed into my relationship issue and showed the part i played in it. I was so focused on my ex-partner’s flaws and short-comings but she gently opened my mind and showed me the triggers from my behaviour that help set things off.  She is not a surface reader but one that is deeply analytical and detailed in what she sees. Genevieve also used a pendulum during my reading.  A lot of the information i received wasn’t what I WANTED to hear – it was what i NEEDED to hear to aid me in moving on. Being stuck is a pain!  I have actually started to set things in motion as i had been on pause for too long now. Her suggestions and books have been an awesome help and comfort. She hasn’t cured me but she has help to set me free from my own personal prison! Genevieve certainly has a gift and i will be calling on her to see what happens next.”