Testimonial for Genevieve by Sheila - March 12, 2014

“I had a very powerful reading with Genevieve today and I wanted to share that feedback. She helped me get to the ROOT of a struggle, I have had for almost 9-12 months. It’s one thing to get a glimpse ahead but to me the value in the MK sight and the best of the readers are from those like Genevieve who help me find the root issues  that keep me bound. Today I feel free. I have searched for over the past 9-12 months.
I think that the reading, along with her insight helped me to see the root of what has kept me stuck. It’s one thing to tell someone you have to let go of the past (and yes, I have heard that before) the differences in this reading is that she helped me go deeper. I found two insights that provided an immediate relief to help get me unstuck. Often a reader will give good information using their special gifts but It’s my job to listen to the insight and I love the way she helped me find my answers and the added guidance from an angel card, well it was the cherry on top. I’m not “fixed” but I know that this reading has provided the missing pieces and I will fly forward now. I love her gift, the way she uses her gift and I wanted to say thank you.”