Testimonial for by Vicky - July 8, 2013

“Elizabeth is an extraordinary reader. A reading with her is like sinking into a relaxing bubble bath filled with rose petals. She has the most soothing manner and one of the purest hearts I have come across. The depth of her readings means she really relates circumstances to you as an individual, your path and your highest good, which is very special and takes the reading to another level. Also, while she is steadfast in what she sees in her reading whilst being mindful of the reality of any frustrations of current circumstances, she is also very sensitive in her approach and wonderfully positive, seeing the good and light in everyone and everything. She helps you understand your own power in shifting your reality to a more positive outcome. In this way, her readings have a transformative effect as a collaborative session to help build a new vision of your future, rather than just having merit as a passive reading. She is a beautiful soul and it is a blessing that she shares her gift with us.”