Testimonial for by Isabelle - June 27, 2013

“I am just writing to thank Virginia- pin 2147. I had several readings before getting in touch with Virginia. But I have been amazed by her talent and deep spirituality. I had already three readings with Virginia over the past year. Every time I am in contact with her, she enlightens me and although the last time I was stressed and made it hard to connect, it did me so much good to speak with her because she put words on my thoughts and feelings. First reading, I was home and she could visualize my apartment and describe rooms as if she was here! She said things about my personal life that she could not possibly know and gave me hope by telling me about changes that were to come and did happen. She recommended doing several things to help me feel better, starting with a cleansing of energy helping me clear negative energy (I had recently move in that flat) what I did and I am so thankful for all the recommendations because they have helped so much, making a big difference. Virginia spreads light, it is amazing – After almost two years of darkness, she has helped me to stand up again, to put a smile on my face and to open myself to others. I cannot thank her enough for spreading her love and positive energy. A big big thank you.”