Testimonial for Hetty by Maria - June 1, 2017

“I have had two readings with Hetty the spring of 2017 and the second time I called her was simply to let her know that what she had seen in my future actually happened. The first time I called her regarding a guy I had a difficult time with and she was very supportive of my decision to leave him and told me he would want to get back together later on but then I would not be interested in him any more. That happened. So the second time I called her, I wanted to thank her for her amazing guidance but also get some more insight into a situation and help with letting go of resentment I felt towards a person. Hetty did an amazing healing reading and was so supportive and compassionate and connected with me right away. Speaking to her, feels like speaking to an auntie who only has the best interest for you, who wants to see you be free, grow and be happy. The last reading with Hetty was amazing.”