Testimonial for by N - April 21, 2013

“Just want to leave feedback for one of the most amazing readers I have EVER come across – that would be Elizabeth (Pin 2190) – she is such an amazing reader and true psychic – I return to her time and time again. I always end up talking to her to get the latest on coming predictions – she is such a gentle and understanding reader I can’t express enough how much I love talking to her – she reassures me and not just because she has to but she really seems to know what she is talking about – I must have picked up the phone 2/3 times just to let her know that things she had told me had happened – then she ends up telling me more which keeps me excited for the next phase and as yet she has not been wrong! She has been helping me since December 2012 where myself and my partner although are trying to head onto the same path are facing many obstacles. Elizabeth has helped me keep the faith and helped me believe and trust in what is out there and has given me so much to look forward too! – I will always try to stay in touch with her as she has given me tools to deal with the situation and ways of approaching instead of my own usual way and it has worked a treat – thank you so so much Elizabeth a true Angel.”