Testimonial for Ayr by Vicky - December 8, 2020

“Ayr is an incredible addition to the Michele Knight team. She is a highly specific and accurate reader who has a gift for providing the context of what you are going through, as well as offering an empowering perspective and astrological insight. Some examples of how specific she was even in little details with me include pin-pointing exact month dates regarding a previous relationship, saying my sister and I were called ‘twins’, which is exactly how we have always been referred to by family even though we are 8 years apart, and saying that I had fairy lights around me just a day after I put them up and was looking at them in front of me during my reading (pre-Christmas season!). She is a warm, fun, sophisticated and intelligent modern reader who is just as perfect for working through the nitty gritty of niggly life blocks with as well as a traditional reading.”