Testimonial for by J - September 17, 2018

“I’ve had quite a few fantastic readings here (Maya, Pauline, Eileen, Cate) but the one that stands out the most and meant the most to me was a reading I had with Robyn. I asked her if there were any relatives from the other side that wanted to speak with me and she immediately told me that my maternal grandmother and her father (my great-grandfather) had come forward. She told me that my great-grandfather was much taller than my grandmother (he was about 5’8″) and that she saw him gardening and liked being outside a lot (true, he used to grow vegetables and loved fishing). She spoke about their hardships while they were alive (true). Next, my paternal grandmother wanted to come forward. Again, she described her sweet, bubbly personality and also told about her hardships in life. But when she brought forward an old high school friend who passed away in 2015, the conversation I had made such an impact on me that I actually requested a recording of the reading. She told me my friend had a horrible pain in her chest before she passed away (true, she died from heart complications), told me that my friend loved her cigarettes and music (true, she smoked and loved to sing – she was always singing). Robyn told me about the picture that was to my right (true, I have a picture of my friend and I on my desk that used to be to my right but I moved it because I couldn’t see it). She got my friend’s strong, straight to the point personality to a T. I had not treated my friend very well when she was still alive and Robyn said that my friend told me not to worry about that – all was forgiven. That was the burden I had been carrying for a long time and to know that I was forgiven meant the world to me, It was as if I was sitting with my friend, chatting and having a good laugh with her like we used to do. I ended the reading feeling so much better and much happier. I can’t thank Robyn enough. Truly a blessing.”