Testimonial for David by Anon - January 11, 2018

“David is an outstanding reader who has helped me a lot. His style is uplifting, specific, warm and compassionate. His detail is spot on and some of the metaphors he uses have also been literally true in my life. I love that you don’t need to ask a specific question, yet he will deliver what is most relevant for you and your growth at the time. David showed that he completely got where I was at as he spoke to a deeper part of me through my energy. He showed a real understanding of even more unusual parts of my character and described them with ease. I love that he does not judge or offer an opinion about your situation but gives you the information you need to move forward. A reading with David is an empowering experience, like a deep scan of your emotional, spiritual and practical self combined with emotionally intelligent spiritual coaching for your greater good. I see it as an investment in myself and love what I get from a session with him.”