Testimonial for David by Breeda - October 30, 2012

“I had a reading with David on the 24 September and we discussed my career prospects. David was very correct about me as he said when it comes to work I loose my bottle at times, which is very true as I find work a scary place and have left jobs or not gone for jobs due to this reason. At the time of speaking to David I had applied for 3 jobs 2 of those jobs are based in a library, David told me that it was the 2nd Library job that I applied for would be the one I would get, well he is correct as of this week I have been offered the 2nd Library job I did not get the 1st one, so well done David. David was also correct about aspects of my past especially in relation to my childhood and how one individual stopped my progress and that that person made sure I did not have a life of my own, not many people have picked this up about me but I had a very bad childhood at the hands of one individual in my family. David got so many aspect of my life and my personality correct and gave me a very empowering reading.”