Testimonial for Gina by Australian - April 12, 2018

Some 18/20 months ago I had a reading with Gina. At the time I was in a very different place to where I am today, this of course is part of her prediction. Although when I revisited what had transpired on the call she clearly predicted a friendship, or more a transcendence of a relationship with a person in my life to a friendship today that wouldn’t be recognisable. At the time of the reading it was impossible for me to see this at all and nor did I want it to, Gina offered it to me as gentle, honest and yet direct manner possible. In that moment it was refuted by me as being not only something I wasn’t interested in, but more so that the person involved would not want that either given the issues and the fall out from that situation. Here I am today having been able to transend the issues and hold a space of friendship with that person in a very different way than was available previously. All the additional detail was reviewed as well, and most of this detail has shown to be bang on. Proving to me, Gina has immense integrity to say what’s been seen and what’s true for her and is conveyed even if you aren’t in a place to hear it yet! Having had several readings of fantastic quality across the years Gina is a reader of significance, she has also been consistent as I had subsequent readings, although had not recalled this one at all.