Testimonial for Louise by Dina - September 18, 2017

“I spoke with Louise on September 14th for first time, I am compelled to write this review because I am truly blown away by my experience with Louise on Michele Knight. I have spoken to many clairvoyant/mediums in my lifetime but none quite as exceptional as Louise. Her ability to foresee outcomes and tune into the heart of a situation with detail is unmatched. Louise is very genuine and will tell you the truth as it is. She uses her exceptional gift with integrity, honesty, grace and humour. I spoke to Louise at a time when I was feeling lost in my stress in a dark place. However her warmth, insights and honesty detailed about my past life, lifted my spirits completely. Louise told me details about things in my life that no-one could have possibly known , I was absolutely amazed by that, I’m awaiting so excited in her predictions about my current job. I had been contemplating leaving a job I am super unhappy at, which was draining me. Louise picked up on this without any problem, as well as the negative environment and the people who were making it difficult for me there. And I am so excited for what she has foreseen in my future.”