Testimonial for Jonathan by Helen - October 17, 2016

“I was just so impressed with him, very accurate and detailed around me as a person and my journey so far, even down to my personal insecurities and dreams. Jonathan also described my home in perfect detail and a work issue I am facing. But What really took my breath away in my reading was Jonathan as a person, such a strong and vibrant energy but yet so calming, articulate, sensitive and sincere. Jonathan made the reading enjoyable and made me feel part of it instead of just talking at me. I also loved how emotionally intelligent and sharp he is whilst providing truly astute life guidance and healing in just his voice. Jonathan is a rare if not unique reader in my opinion of the highest calibre. He will prove invaluable to anyone who has the pleasure of a having a reading with him, more Jonathan’s in this world would make it a such better place”.