Testimonial for Louise by Prabs - September 30, 2016

I remember my first reading with Louise, she said my ex would be in touch and he was. She mentioned so many other things in regards to my past relationship, which of course she could have had no idea of, unless I had told her, but she knew. It was astonishing to me, because she secured my trust. I could open up to her and she really helped me get to the root of certain blocks and problems. I was in a very dark place and she helped me work through this and heal for the better. Everything she had mentioned has come true. So many little things I did not think anything of at the time of my reading have happened! It’s been an amazing journey! She has such a lovely and caring manner. She will guide you and give you the right answers that will help you to move forward. I am really excited about the journey ahead and she has been such a positive and inspiring force behind it. Get ready for your henna Louise!