Testimonial for Louise by Rebecca - June 24, 2020

“I know people are inclined to say this about some psychics, but Louise (2274) genuinely felt like a true friend in the first 5 minutes of speaking to her. Take my word on that. Louise is absolutely brilliant, and has been the best voice-vibration, no tools used psychic that I have spoken to over the phone. Louise gets straight to the point and was brilliant in reading the person I had in question (it was a love reading). She picked up that I’d move in June (which happened) and that I’d be a lot happier. Its a shame she hasn’t been available much recently on the site, as she is a real asset to the Michele Knight Psychics. Louise doesn’t waffle on and I never got the vibe that she was trying to long out the call for more money whatsoever. She dishes out real psychic information and you can tell she is genuine and authentic. It’s rare to find a psychic as good as her.”