Testimonial for David by Antony - March 27, 2018

David 2269 was my reader I don’t know where to begin he freestyled I didn’t tell him anything about myself but he told me all about my relationship with my partner so much amazing information for myself and family also he told me that I have gift of mediumship if I wanted to follow that path or a healing path WOW 😮 I never told him anything as I’ve had an awakening going on for about 18 months now tried to shut it off for the past year but been meditating every day for the past year think it’s now time to embrace it all so thankyou David much ❤️and gratitude Also David also brought through my Auntie who crossed over a couple of months ago and again brilliant I knew it was her by the energies that come through from her so again 🙏thankyou🙏.