Testimonial for Carol by Deborah - July 25, 2016

“My reading  with Carol #2160 was seriously wow. Once I had watched her short film and read her profile I just knew I really wanted to speak to her. I found her while browsing the list of profiles for all the readers, earlier in the week. It was like having a chat with an old friend who knew me really well. She was totally in tune with the way I felt about situations and people she could not possibly know anything about. Its like they just came to her. She really helped me to understand and look at my self honestly. She has a very relaxed speaking tone and delivery. I really got see my situation from a more positive perspective. Which was not the case at all before our conversations. Its been about a half-hour since the end of the call and I can feel my empowerment growing. I will be having a reading with her again soon defo. Thumbs up all the way Carol.”