Testimonial for David by Katherine - July 11, 2016

I have had many readings with different readers from Michele Knight over the years, many of which have been great and have helped me navigate through some very difficult challenges in life. However, I feel compelled to write something very different about David. I actually read all his reviews, contemplated on his video and eventually got hold of David. Wow, wow, wow! I am absolutely astounded at his emotional intelligence and insight and I am not a woo woo person – I am pretty down to earth. I think the best way to describe his reading – it is a 3 dimensional reading because he managed to synergise my past, present and future to create a vision of true empowerment coupled with a road map to move forward. I have not had this combination before. Michele talks a lot about the importance of empowering her customers and the importance of free will. I really do feel that David provided me with insight and wisdom to not only empower me to move forward positively but also the insight into the areas where I needed to make myself more accountable to me. His diplomacy but laser focus on issues that I needed to tackle in order to progress was – what can I say?… amazing. David is not a ‘warm bath’ but a ‘refreshing cool ‘lemon scented’ shower’ on a hot day that clears your mind and refreshes you – ready to start your day with lots of clarity, energy and determination. Amazing man, destined for great things and truly gifted. Thank you David – I appreciated the energy and effort you put into my reading.