Testimonial for Aleksandra by Ruth - April 1, 2022

“I’ve just had the most amazing and direct reading with Alexsandra 2258. Without a word from myself, Alex got straight to the heart of my career giving an instant recognition that she knew what was going on. The relief to know that my career will take on a new direction and escape the boredom and repetition of my current job was so reassuring and empowering. There was no doubt in her words and it has given me the confidence to progress in my pursuit of change and it coincided with events taking place. Also I asked about my love life, like many of us do, and Alexsandra didn’t disappoint with true facts, but also elements that surprised me which have reassured me believe that I’ve not been wrong, which was beautiful to hear. Alexsandra has a true gift to getting straight to heart of what is happening, and if you want clarity to your questions, you have picked the right reader.”