Testimonial for Julie by AP - June 12, 2017

“I first rang Julie when I was in a very bad place, she was reassuring and said that someone new would be coming into my life, and described him to a T. Less than a week later, there he was! Julie also picked up that I wouldn’t be single for long, and would have more than one option, but would be more drawn to one guy. She was the first psychic to ever pick up that I have psychic abilities too. After a second reading, she gave me further insight into my other half, even picking up on how anxious I was because of my past. She managed to put my insecurities at rest, and gave me a time-frame for when he would get in contact to meet up, and that he would introduce me to someone close to him, and it happened! I can’t wait to see everything else Julie’s predicted to happen. Don’t be too hung up on time-frames, your desperation/anxiety will drive it away, let it flow to you, Julie knows her stuff. She’s genuinely caring and one of my favourite readers – an absolute dime!”