Testimonial for by SAmx - March 27, 2017

I really enjoyed the reading with Leyann.  I found her to be soft,warm,  reassuring and nurturing and she had a lovely calm energy that was really comforting.

At the beginning of the reading she instantly picked that I had recently moved home.  Infact so recent that it had been that day!!  She correctly picked up on the release of my heightened emotions.  She also knew that that the new house is very light, it was a very beautiful place surrounded by nature – all completely spot on.

She picked up that 3 years ago I was very different and I have changed due to events in the past 3 years as well as more long term impact of life events and how this has effected my life and where I am today.

She clicked into the father of my children and my long term partner for many years who died about a year and half ago and completely ‘got’ him and was very accurate in how she saw him.

It was a lovely reading, exactly what I needed at that time.

She is a good one!!