Testimonial for Charlotte by Sarah - February 1, 2021

“About 2 weeks ago I rang Charlotte for a reading and was stunned by everything she spoke off. First, she stated I was coming out of my bad luck cycle and from 12th onwards things will shift in a positive way, and they did a few days before the 12th. She stated she can see a new job coming in for me but there’s a lot of traveling and she picked up an area that sounded like taut. I thought no way will I travel so much or even work in Taunton area. The job offer came in last week in Taunton (out the blue) and it will involve me traveling so much until I move. I am stunned with that but it happened. So I can only believe in the rest of the reading with the move too. Thank you Charlotte – You are bang on point! Look forward to next time.”