Testimonial for Sara by Anon - May 28, 2019

“I have been lucky enough to have had readings with Sara periodically for the last four years and I feel tremendously grateful for her steadying, sincere guidance. She is a traditional medium who needs little or no information to tune in. She gives accurate validations for example the number of children I have, their exact ages, sex, and personalities. She will take care to answer my specific questions thoughtfully and patiently, but also will shock me with her ability to read those wider personalities and events that I have not mentioned but that impact on scenarios. Her predictions have been right so far, even when as in the case of my mothers house move all seemed lost, or an out of the blue career move was offered to me that she foresaw but at the time of the reading would not have been possible or in my consciousness. Sara has a personal style and gives of herself and her life experiece to explain the messages from her guides; this can sometimes be quirky or tangential but there is always a subtle underlying truth in her metaphors, and is part of the genuine person that she is and that I find so authentic. She is not judgemental, prescriptive or bullying and never resorts to generic psycho speak. This is not to say that she doesn’t call it like it is, but she has a way of presentation that helps with acceptance and understanding over time. She is a treasure.”