Testimonial for Sam by RM - April 13, 2019

“I’ve had quite a few readings with Sam over the years who is astonishingly talented and a really lovely person. Sam picks up incredible detail about what’s going on in a nuanced, highly intelligent way, particularly around relationships. She needs very little prompting. And she delivers her messages in a lovely, highly supportive way which are also very honest. Eg: Over the years, she has, at times, told me things that I didn’t really want to hear but they turned out to be spot on. And she delivered the message in such a kind and emotionally intelligent way that it didn’t feel abrasive but supportive. She has been very helpful in talking through relationship and friendship dynamics and I still remember her insights and advice a long time after, as they proved to be true and wise. Sam has a fab sense of humour, is very funny, gentle and full of integrity. She is also careful not to keep you on the phone too long. You really are in very good hands with Sam. She is the compete package.”