Testimonial for Sam by Linda - June 14, 2021

“I have been using the services from Michele Knight for many years and I have finally found my guardian angel in Sam. Sam seems to be always online when I need her. She grounds me and helps me to listen to my intuition and affirms reality. I have spoken to Sam a couple of times now and at 1am this morning after a phone call with Sam I cried myself to sleep out of self pity, but awoke feeling elated, enlightened and having my strength totally restored, feeling healed and back to my warrior self when it comes to the power of love. Sam will tell you the truth, the truth that you may already know, but too stubborn to believe. She is an amazing lady, strong honest, and full of love and empathy. I trust her totally as I know what she tells me is true. Sam you are amazing, and I am so glad that you are beside me when I go to battle.”